Silicone Penis Extenders – Are They Still Effective?

Rubber Penis Extender May Result In Slip On Penis Extender. What’s more, Strap Based is much more better than Rubber Penis Extender. Find Out Why Here.

We have a variety of penis extender parts. If you need a replacement part we have them in stock. And if you didn’t know, penis extenders were used originally in Germany in 1992.

Principles of Penis Extender Organization


The penisemaster is made in such a way that it fits into the pubic bone. It is made of high quality synthetic that does not bend or break.

Strap.Get a strap that is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Read the user guide for more information.



Memory Foam Comfort Strap Pads



Adjustment. By twisting the traction lever, the penis extender permits adjustments for a perfect fit. There are two metal rods that are adjustable from 2 to 4 inches fixed.



Traction Bars.The extender comes with many traction levers that are adjustable and can be put togther in a number of customized ways.



Tension Measurement. You can precisely measure the amount of pressure exerted to the penis by the extender.


Swivel Attachment .The devise is made in such a way that you can adjust it around up to 180 degrees without necessarily removing it.