Does Penis Size Matter?

All about Penis Size

The following staff-measured studies are each composed of different subgroups of the human population (i.e. specific age range and/or race; selection of those with sexual medical concerns or self-selection) which could cause a sample bias.

  1. Flaccid Size. One study found the mean flaccid penis length to be 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) (measured by staff).A review of several studies found average flaccid length to be 9–10 cm (3.5–3.9 in). Length of the flaccid penis does not necessarily correspond to length of the erect penis; some smaller flaccid penises grow much longer, while some larger flaccid penises grow comparatively less.
  2. Stretched Size.Neither patient age nor size of the flaccid penis accurately predicted erectile length. Stretched length most closely correlated with erect length.
  3. Erect Size.Several scientific studies have been performed on the erect length of the adult penis. Studies which have relied on self-measurement, including those from Internet surveys, consistently reported a higher average length than those which used medical or scientific methods to obtain measurements.

The most accurate measurement of the human penis comes from several measurements at different times since there is natural minor variability in size due to arousal level, time of day, room temperature, frequency of sexual activity, and reliability of measurement. When compared to other primates, including large primates such as the gorilla, the human penis is largest, both in absolute terms and in relative size to the rest of the body. Measurements vary, with studies that rely on self-measurement reporting a significantly higher average than those with staff measuring. However, the mean of an erect human penis is approximately 12.9–15.0 cm (5.1–5.9 in) in length. Flaccid penis length is a poor estimate of erect length.

Does penis size matter?

In a world of supersize cars, jobs, meals, and just about everything else, it’s hard to stop thinking about whether bigger is actually better for everything. Men are competitive when it comes to their ability to satisfy women, and unfortunately after years of locker-room comparisons, the go-to source of pride or shame is the size of that with which they’re working. So, does penis size really matter? Well, yes, but you’ll be shocked to find out for whom it really matters.

Striving to be the best is par for the course; while your date-night antics don’t necessarily qualify as a sport, and you won’t be in the running for an Olympic medal this year, peak performance is always on your mind, especially when it comes to sex. As we all know, it takes more than height to make a great basketball player, and more than biceps to make a standout football star. The same can be said for savvy lovers who have better sex — physical equipment isn’t everything when it comes to knocking it out of the park, and women aren’t shy about singing the praise of skill over size.

Unfortunately, not all guys seem to believe those women so we’re going to rely on science to reassure you that the size of the package isn’t more important than the method of delivery.

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The Hard Facts about Penis Size

“Drastically enlarge the penis length and width to sizes previously thought impossible!” reads a website for the Penis Enlargement Patch. (One envisions a lab-coated mad scientist pouring chemicals on his own penis, then shouting “Eureka!” and phoning the Guinness Book.) Almost anyone with an email account has been deluged by spam for such miracle-growth patches and pills, and the endurance of sex myths may explain the pervasiveness of such ads. Here you go:

“We equate masculinity and power with penis size,” says Ira Sharlip, MD, clinical professor of urology at the University of California at San Francisco and president of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. “Of course, there’s really no relationship.” Still, Sharlip says, “all” of his patients want to increase their penis size.

The idea that bigger is better is “not just total mythology,” says Seth Prosterman, who has counseled couples since 1984 and notes that some of the women he’s worked with do prefer a bigger penis — aesthetically or “fit-wise.” But, he adds, “For the vast majority of partners, penis size doesn’t matter.”

So what, exactly, constitutes a big penis? Let’s whip out some data:

  • The average penis size is between five and six inches. That’s for an erect penis.
  • The flaccid male organ averages around three and a half inches.

What women say about penis size

Size matters, but technique is more important.

It is true that if it is too small you don’t feel very much. Yes, the G-spot is only 2-3 inches inside the vagina but women have a 3-4 more inches that like to be filled. Deep inside the vagina we may not be able to feel a lot of pleasure/pain but we do feel pressure. That pressure is glorious. Most men that I have been with who are modestly endowed have been generous and creative lovers who know how to please a woman in many other ways.

It is true that if it is too big it could be painful. As mentioned above, there aren’t many pleasure/pain receptors deep in the vagina, but when the pain receptors go off it is excruciating. This is when the penis hits the cervix. Also, I hate to say this but it is true in my experience, men who are well endowed I have found to be lazy and/or selfish lovers. They think their penis can work magic on its own, and it can’t. If you try to show them what you want or like they get offended. Like just because you have a big penis I should just orgasm at the site of it.

Penis size does matter

A perennial topic of locker room banter and sex columns has caught the attention of scientists: Do women find bigger penises more attractive? The answer, it turns out, is yes. But it’s not a purely bigger-is-better relationship. The attractiveness of a larger penis is intertwined with height and body shape, new research suggests.

Much research has been devoted to the male genitalia of insects, beasts, fish and fowl. But man has fallen by the wayside, says Brian Mautz, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Ottawa in Canada who led the new work. The handful of studies that have examined whether penis length in Homo sapiens affects attractiveness have looked at penis size alone, rather than size as part of a package of traits. And research that has relied on direct questioning of women has yielded mixed results: Depending on the study, women prefer longer penises or wider penises, or think penis size is unimportant.


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